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PS4 Uncharted 4: Update 1.21 ist verfügbar + Patch Notes

Dieses Thema im Forum "PlayStation 4 - Exklusivtitel" wurde erstellt von Markus S., 18. März 2017.


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  1. PS4 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    Action, Adventure 2016-05-10 Sony Computer Entertainment Naughty Dog Jetzt bestellen

    Sony und Naughty Dog haben das Update 1.21 für Uncharted 4 veröffentlicht. Zuvor war dies bereits angekündigt worden.

    Das Update bringt den Spielmodus King of the Hill mit sich und einige neue Items und Waffen. Die umfangreichen Änderungen findet ihr in den beigefügten Patch Notes.

    • Victory Points per hill increased from 60 to 80
    • KO’ing defenders will award the attacking team 4 Victory Points
    • If a defender is KO’d within the first five seconds after capturing a hill, they will respawn
    • When a team reaches the max Victory Points, they must capture one more hill (known as Victory Hill) to win the match
    • UI revamped to better communicate game rules and readability
    • Duration for Wrath of El Dorado reduced by 50% in this mode; Wrath is still quite powerful but this allows other Mysticals to play a prominent role too

    • Added a new feature: Personal Stats Page
    • VIP Relic Bonus has increased from 20% to 40%
    • Added 3 Weapons
    • Added 3 Survival Boosters
    • Added 37 Vanity Items
    • Added 6 Taunts
    • Added 25 character skin color palettes for each new skin
    • Personal Stats Page: players can view their personal stats across multiple game modes
    • Classic Mode removed from the Beta Playlist. Stay tuned for more details on its return

    • Multiple level bug fixes
    • Fixed the issue where players did not receive hardcore rewards after completion
    • Fixed the issue where sniper sidekicks would occasionally float above the ground while taking cover
    • Fixed the issue where Skeleton Drake’s Jaw would unhinge while performing certain taunts
    • Fixed the issue where Loadout point icons where not appearing when unlocking in chests from the store
    • Fixed the issue where please wait text remained on screen after selecting vanity chests with an unopened chest available
    • Fixed the issue where rope did not appear on the player’s hip in cinema
    • Fixed the issue where Bounty Skull Icon appeared incorrectly if the player viewed in cinema and switched player perspectives
    • Fixed the issue where the wooden bridge in Scotland appeared invisible when viewed in Cinema mode
    • Fixed the issue where the player could become stuck if the store was disabled while they attempted to purchase items from the customization menu
    • Fixed the issue where players were able to taunt with the rope attached to a grapple point
    • Fixed the issue where props from taunts remained in place when player is instantly KO’d mid taunt
    • Fixed the issue where there was no relic challenge for Spirit of the Djinn Mystical

    • 0.25 second increase to C4 Detonator
    • Updated speed and abort frames for ledge grabs, allowing for edge attacker to recover faster from missed hits


    3 new boosters:

    • Iron Jaw
    • XP Farmer
    • Heavy Weapons Expert

    • Fixed the issue where Solo Survival Buddy uses single player voice lines
    • Fixed the issue where survival wave modifiers appeared incorrectly in crushing
    • Fixed the issue where Indra Warlord will freeze in place after client player leaves the game while being grabbed

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  3. iss kein Multiplayer Game, bringt nix!

    - gesendet aus der One-4-U App
  4. Warum sollte man auch Multiplayergames essen?

    Habs letztens im MP gespielt und es war auch ganz lustig. Dafür, dass es seinen Fokus auf den Singleplayer hat, ist der Multiplayer gut geworden.
    Ich finde es gut, dass nach der Zeit noch neue Inhalte geliefert werden.
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