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WiiU Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct Präsentation

Dieses Thema im Forum "Nintendo - Exklusivtitel" wurde erstellt von Sebastian W., 16. Dez. 2015.

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  1. WiiU3DS Super Smash Bros
    Action, Beat 'em Up 2014-11-28 Nintendo Nintendo EAD Jetzt bestellen

    Habt ihr die letzte Nintendo Direct Präsentation zu Super Smash Bros. verpasst? Kein Problem, hier die komplette Präsentation auf YouTube.

    Gezeigt wurden drei neue Charaktere:
    • Corrin von Fire Emblem Fates (Februar 2016)
      • Corrin uses the ultimate form of his/her Yato sword, Omega Yato. However, they have plenty of other attacks based on their dragon form.
      • The Side Smash has an amazing reach by using the dragon form’s limbs and the Back Smash lets him/her sprout dragon wings to strike the opponent with.
      • Dragon Fang Shot is a powerful move that can be charged with B. The Side Special is Dragon Lunge, which lets you remain hanging and pin your opponent. Up Special is Dragon Fang, Down Special is the incredibly powerful Counter Surge and the Final Smash is called Torrential Roar.
      • There are two additional songs that come with Corrin, inclduing Aqua’s “Lost in Thoughts All Alone.” However, no stages come with the new character.
      • Both male and female versions will be available.
    • Cloud Strife von Final Fantasy VII

      • Cloud’s Side Smash is 3-hit chain attack, a unique attack given to him.
      • His Advent Children costume has a version with the sleeve covering his Geostigma on his arm and a version without the sleeve.
      • Cloud’s Limit Break is a charge gauge similar to Little Mac’s KO gauge. His Down Special is called Limit Charge which charges it. When filled it slightly increases stats and for a short while replaces regular attacks with Limit Break versions.
      • Final Smash is the famous Omnislash.
      • In the Midgar Stage the summons Ifrit, Leviathan, Ramuh, Bahamut Zero and Odin will appear, each having a unique attack and effect on the stages.
      • Cloud will be available later today for $5.99
      • As a bonus Geno from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars will be a Mii Fighter costume. Mii Fighters will also get an adorable Chocobo hat.
    • Umbra Witch Bayonetta
      • Bayonetta is a combo fighter who can chain her powerful moves into even more powerful attacks. They are slow to start, however.
      • By pressing and holding down the button she can use Bullet Arts, which allows for continuous attacks in nearly all her moves.
      • Both her gun sets — Love is Blue from Bayonetta 2 and Scarborough Fair from Bayonetta — are in the game.
      • Her Wicked Weaves works just as in Bayonetta’s own game, by summoning the limbs of Madama Butterfly for powerful attacks that vary depending on the button presses.
      • Witch Time is a Down Special counter move that slows down time on a single opponent. Her Bat Within is an alternative that lets her avoid taking damage.
      • Bullet Climax is her standard Special that can be charged. If used on the ground its called Heel Slide and used in the air either upwards or downward is the After Burner Kick.
      • Up Special is Witch Twist and can be used twice (the second after a mid-jump). She can move immediately after using it.
      • Infernal Climax is her Final Smash. She charges and then summons Gomorrah to damage enemies. Any foe with damage above 100 percent is KO’d instantly.
      • Many of her signature visual effects are in the game. In the Wii U version, Bayonetta’s shadow is in the shape of Madame Butterfly.
      • February 2016 is the release windown for her character and Umbra Clocktower stage, which features a section of angels battling.

    Dazu sind die passenden Amiibo-Figuren geplant.

    Die nächsten Amiibos Famicom R.O.B, Roy (Fire Emblem: Binding Blade) und Ryu (Street Fighter) erscheinen am 18. März:

    Quelle: dualshockers.com, dualshockers.com, dualshockers.com, dualshockers.com
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  3. Einerseits ja gut das an dem Spiel so viel gearbeitet wird aber nachdem ich den Preis für Ryu gesehen habe, hat mich das alles sehr enttäuscht.
    irgendwie haben mich auch die Vorgänger Smash Bros länger gereizt :?

    - gesendet aus der One-4-U App
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